Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Data For Crisis?
Data For Crisis is a free open data platform that provides raw and aggregated data from social networks on crisis-related topics like COVID and migration. The platform supports media practitioners and researchers by offering access to public data, advanced search functionalities, and in-depth analysis.
2Who is behind Data For Crisis?
Data For Crisis is a collaborative initiative between DW Akademie and SocialLab, with support from DW Akademie partners in Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Lebanon.
3How often is the data updated?
Data For Crisis is committed to providing up-to-date data. Our platform regularly aggregates and enriches data streamed from public media sources to ensure users have access to the latest information (weekly bases)
4What data formats are supported for export?
Data For Crisis offers various data export options, including CSV, JSON, and XML formats, and various image and vector object formats to accommodate the needs of journalists and researchers.
5Can I create visualizations using the platform?
Yes, Data For Crisis provides dynamic and intuitive visual representation tools for creating visualizations and graphics. The platform also offers advanced filters and graphical export options.
6Is the platform available in multiple languages?
Data For Crisis aims to be inclusive and provide comprehensive analysis in many languages and dialects to accommodate users from various backgrounds and regions.
7How do I get started using the platform?
To start using Data For Crisis, simply visit our website and navigate to the Advanced Search page. From there, you can begin exploring, analyzing, and downloading the available data and insights.
8Is there any cost associated with using Data For Crisis?
No, Data For Crisis is a completely free platform, providing unrestricted access to raw and aggregated datasets and analysis tools without any charges.
9Do I need to register to use the platform services?
No, Data For Crisis is a completely free platform, providing unrestricted access to raw and aggregated datasets and analysis tools without any subscriptions needed.
10Can I download the whole raw data?
For optimization purposes, there is a limit of 10000 records that one can download from the data portal per each request with no limit of the number of requests (data.dataforcrisis.com), however, if you want more data, you will be asked to enter your email so that you can receive a downloadable link after it is being prepared in our databases.
11I requested a large dataset, but I didn't receive the link by email, why?
In case you have requested to download a large dataset (more than 10000 records), you should receive a downloadable link to your provided email. If you haven't received the email, it might be due to one of the following: 1) Your email address is not correct 2) The email sent to you went to the junk folder 3) The file is still being prepared due to high requests. For more info, you can always drop us a message (visit the contact page)


Want to collabroate?

If you are interested in collaborating with Data For Crisis or have further questions, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our Contact page and fill out the provided form with your inquiry, or reach out to us directly via the provided email address. Our team will be happy to connect with you and discuss potential collaboration opportunities or address any additional questions you may have.